Ted Gilkey

Ted Gilkey SmileWith over 35 years of experience, Ted Gilkey is widely considered an authority in the field of educational leadership. When Ted first began his career in the educational system, teaching was not enough. Ted had to be involved in every facet of the school system. Throughout the years, Ted rose thru the school administrative ranks from assistant principal, to principal, to assistant superintendent, to superintendent, and finally where he is today as an associate professor at Salisbury University with multiple consulting workshops aiming to educate and teach early educators on the importance of administrative leadership to improve student achievement.

Ted Gilkey is currently serving as Program Director for the Education Leadership Program. This program ends with state certification as a school principal and a Master’s Degree. Ted also serves as the Coordinator for the Academy for Leadership in Education, which is a partnership between higher education, local school districts, and the business community training new and aspiring educational leaders.  Along with these workshops, Ted has also developed a collaborative professional development program that includes three institutions of higher education and teams of administrators from Baltimore and four rural counties. This program focuses on leadership skills to improve student achievement. When Ted is not developing and running his consulting workshops, he is teaching the Salisbury University students. He teaches Administration of School Personnel, Educational Leadership Internship/Issues Analysis, Public School Law, Middle School Curriculum, and Schools in a Diverse Society.



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